Writing for websites

You just realized that your website looks great but it reads like a wet pair of socks. All the relevant keywords and search phrases are in there, but they’re stitched together in an awkward imitation of language. Your brand is coming across with all the personality of a goldfish. It’s time to make it someone else’s problem. If only there was someone who just could just step in, get your brand, and write what you want in a way that sounds … sexy.


The words on the page often seem to be the last thing people think about when developing a website. As long as it looks pretty, a lot of sites appear content to serve up writing with the conversational appeal of cold soup. Your website is a shop window for your brand. If the writing on your site is clunky, you are greeting potential clients in that window with a mouth full of fudge.

Why be a fudgemouth? Hire a professional. Someone who can use language to turn your website into a valuable brand asset.

I mean me, by the way. Before you start Googling.

Create a brand experience, not a business card

The first corporate websites were pretty much digital business cards. Then we got all excited by the technology. Pretty soon websites were crammed with flash animation and packed with loud graphics.

Today’s sites are leaner, cleaner and much more useful. Functionality and clarity have become the most valued principles.

I write websites for all kinds of industries and people. Much of my work happens before I write a word, thinking about how to organize information to improve the experience of the site, because when you’re building a site that’s what you’re really creating. A brand experience. And brand experiences are like oysters. A bad one can ruin you for life.

Can you improve my search ranking?

I can enrich your site with language that will lift your ranking, but my focus will always be on improving the writing, and the experience. Flooding a site with keywords will make you easier to find, but what impression will you make once found? People online are truffle pigs. They turn up for a sniff, and if they don’t immediately get a whiff of something they like, they’re off. To encourage a visitor to stay you need to serve up useful content in the simplest way possible. Ideally with a fat dose of personality. Ultimately there is only one way to guarantee a top ranking. Make your site the most useful and relevant in your category.

If you have a website, or you’re building one, and you need help improving the experience, let’s have a chat. A coffee. A Skype thing.