Film & TV Scriptwriting

I’ll let you into a dirty secret. I love a good TV ad. Not one of those incredibly authentic, social experiment films on YouTube either. A big fat 90’s style TV ad. Huge score. Big budget. Breathtaking cinematography. Like the Levis ads in the days then when Levis did big TV. Or Stella Artois. Or Playstation. Or Nike.

It’s a dirty secret because in modern agencies, being a good TV writer can make you an anachronism. As a good TV writer you are deemed to be trapped within the confines of a dying discipline. Creative directors are integrated or antiquated.

I can say now what I should have said at the time. That is a truckload of warm horse poop. Film today is more powerful than it’s ever been. Video is the crème de la crème of online content. From Facebook to Instagram, everyone’s at it. And the skills that made creatives great at writing TV ads are the exact same skills needed to create great video content. I am proud of my TV advertising work, and I’ve never found the craft more in need.

Today I get asked to write for all kinds of video and film projects. Online recipes tutorials, comedy shorts, product demos, in-flight safety videos, customer testimonials, inspiring pitch films and yes, the occasional big fat TV ad. If you want a film, and you need a script, you’re on the right website. Get in touch to talk about a project.