Direct Response

Syllables that shift needles


When I ran an advertising creative department, I devised a copy test to assess writers applying for a job. In retrospect, I wish I had asked them to write a sales letter. I’ve come to believe the ultimate test of any writer is their ability to generate copy that delivers action. Can you populate a blank page with words that persuade a reader to buy? Despite all the sharp suits and award shows, advertising people are salespeople. We prefer to measure our creativity by its originality and emotional impact. But ultimately there is only one criteria that counts. The ability to sell. Before becoming a famous ad man, David Ogilvy sold encyclopedia’s door to door. “If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative” is his most loathed and loved quote. He was never under any illusion about the commercial imperative of his work. And he was right.

After leaving a full-time role managing a creative department, I returned to a full-time role as a writer. The beauty of freelancing is the ability to focus on my craft. Free of meetings and timesheets, I spend my entire working life either writing, or reading about being a better writer. I am constantly sharpening my knives. From sales letters to websites to email marketing campaigns, most of my projects are for clients who need results. To make sales, get sign-ups, or encourage inquiries. If you are looking for a writer to deliver results, get in touch and let’s put my syllables to work.