Content Creation

We see more than 5000 commercial messages a day. 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. In the same minute, Facebook generates 4 million likes. Looking at the numbers, the content game is revealed as a bloodbath. To elevate a brand above all that noise requires hard work and a little bit of brilliance.

Start with the assumption that no one cares

In my experience, the single biggest mistake marketing teams make is to assume the audience is listening. I have worked with many global brand teams, trained in an era where TV delivered a captive audience, now struggling to adapt in a world where the audience is free to turn off and unfollow.

The golden rule of content is to know your audience with an intimacy that would make your mother blush. What are they looking for? What kinds of content do they already read? Where is the intersection between what you want to say, and what people find interesting?

Embrace your mistakes

The most liberating aspect of content marketing? You don’t need to get it right all the time. Things that don’t work can often teach you more than the things that do. Think long-term and keep evolving your strategy. Try a number of different approaches to see which sticks. Don’t sweat about losing battles. Just make sure you win the war.

Useful doesn’t need to be dull

Useful content is great content. That widely accepted truth leads some brands into the trap of being functional, but dull. And in the world of content, dull is dead. A successful content strategy requires people spending time with your brand. No likes spending time with you when you have the conversational repartee of a whoopee cushion. Be useful, but be human. Be creative. And don’t be bloody boring.

I use these principles to create B2B and consumer content for a wide range of brands. If you want to create content that people geruinely want to read, I can help.