Brand Development

In my career, I have swum with whales. Coca Cola. Nestle. Unilever. HSBC. P&G. I’ve been fortunate to work with many of the biggest brands on the planet. The experience has been invaluable, but the individual influence I could bring to bear on those giants was limited. Most arrived with strict guidelines dictating how the brand should communicate. The consistency could stifle as much it could inspire.

Today I work with brands of all shapes and sizes from an incredible myriad of industries. Cake makers, restaurant owners, tech firms, industrial manufacturers, therapists, accountants, and inventors. I often find myself working directly with the brand owner, bringing their vision to life in words. Initially employed as a writer, I inevitably find conversations drifting into areas of brand and strategy. I help evolving brands sharpen their definition. I play with wet cement, helping developing brand’s find form before the rules are set.

As a brand writer, my output tends to fall into one, or both of the following requirements.

Tone of voice

Finding a unique tone of voice for a brand is probably the single hardest thing I am ever asked to do. Finding the right language for your brand requires a journey, not a single presentation. Like Breaking Bad. The TV series Breaking Bad got better as it progressed because the writer’s grasp of individual characters became more defined. I work with brands at every stage at the journey. Formal or friendly. Practical or emotional. I experiment with style until we find a way of talking that feels right. Once we have that style, I lock it down with guidelines for brand language and tone.

Brand Stories

More than anything else I do as a writer, I love writing brand stories. I think it’s because I’m a people person. And what is a brand if not the commercial manifestation of the people behind it? Nothing beats the passion of a business owner on a journey, learning about the dreams and ideas that led to the birth of a brand. Crafting the right story for your brand has become critical. People increasingly look for brands that share their values. They want to know where you’ve come from and what you stand for. I have a friend who only buys jeans from Hiut Denim, a brand on a mission to revive the Welsh town of Cardigan. I have no idea if the jeans are better, but the story can certainly is. Have a read for yourself.

If you need a brand definition sharpened, a tone of voice found, or the story of your brand told, I might be the writer you’re looking for.