Advertising ideas

“I bring light to life.

What do you do?”


My Father works as an engineer in power stations. He throws that question at me when we’re discussing work. For a long time I struggled to answer with anything like his focus. But I think I found my answer.

I create words and ideas that deliver commercial value.

I am much like a marker trader. Instead of ripe bananas, I sell ideas and writing that clients use to grow brands and increase sales. I help clients with ideas in a couple of ways.

Idea generation

I love working on pitches. Lock me in a cupboard with a decent brief and an unlimited supply of caffeine and I will eventually emerge with an idea big enough to win. I know because I’ve done it. Multiple times. From KFC, to Coca Cola, to P&G and Unilever, my ideas have consistently been able to land large accounts. They have helped clients increase revenue and agencies win awards. From digital to traditional, I am happy in any medium, and under any amount of pressure. If you’re stuck for an idea, my grey matter can be hired.

Idea training

As the creative leader of an ad agency, a lot of my time was spent judging and improving ideas. Being a writer massively helps. Ideas are tricky buggers, hard to pin down and often hard to explain. A lot of writing is the transformation of complex thinking into simple language. Using the right words, I can make even difficult ideas easy to understand. I have developed a number of training modules for clients and creatives to help them to recognize, define and evaluate ideas. I can teach people how to have more ideas, and how to have better ones.

Have a look at my portfolio to see some of my most recent and successful ideas. If you need help finding a big idea for yourself, get in touch.