I have been an ad man, a bad waiter and perhaps the world’s worst postman. I have lived like a local in Saigon, and presented in boardrooms all over Asia. I spent a childhood between the streets of Naples and a boarding school so steeped in tradition it made Hogwart’s look progressive. I am a trained actor. A constant writer. An indulgent dad of two.

I returned to London in 2016 after 12 years in Asia and fell in love all over again. I have never been more alive to London’s smoggy charms. Sometimes I can feel the history oozing through cracks in the walls and seeping directly into my soul.

When I am not writing for brands, or reading about writing for brands, I am writing and reading for myself. I dabble with comedy. I am summoning up the courage to do a stand-up course, mostly to sharpen my writing skills in the terrifying heat of performance. If you want to make diamonds, embrace pressure.